Toshiba Satellite A130 A135 laptop CPU Fan DFS451205M10T F6D3-CC

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Toshiba Satellite A130 A135 laptop CPU Fan DFS451205M10T F6D3-CC

  • ★Item Specifications
    Info: DC5V 0.4A (3-wire) 3-pin connector
    NEW and Original
    Wire Length: 40 mm
  • Condition: One piece Brand New CPU Cooling Fan without Heatsink
  • TG Stock# FN.TA.417
  • Replace Part Number
    Forcecon (DFS451205M10T (F6D3-CCW), AT01500010)
    SUNON (GB0506PHV1-A (13.V1.B2643.F.GN), AT015000100)
  • Compatible Models:
    Toshiba Satellite A130 / A135 Series
    A130-ST1311 (PSAD6U-01500J)
    A130-ST1313 (PSAD6U-00X00H)
    A135-S2246 (PSAD6U-00L00C, PSAD6U-00L00CB)
    A135-S2256 (PSAD6U-00M00F, PSAD6U-00M00FB)
    A135-S2266 (PSAD6U-00M00D, PSAD6U-00M00DB)
    A135-S2276 (PSAD6U-00R00D, PSAD6U-00R00DB)
    A135-S2286 (PSAD6U-00S00D, PSAD6U-00S00DB)
    A135-S2296 (PSAD6U-00S00F, PSAD6U-00S00FB)
    A135-S2306 (PSAD6U-00M00G, PSAD6U-00M00GB)
    A135-S2326 (PSAD6U-01800D, PSAD6U-01800DB)
    A135-S2346 (PSAD6U-01800F, PSAD6U-01800FB)
    A135-S2356 (PSAD6U-01800G, PSAD6U-01800GB)
    A135-S2376 (PSAD6U-01100D, PSAD6U-01100DB)
    A135-S2386 (PSAD6U-01D00D, PSAD6U-01D00DB)
    A135-S2396 (PSAD6U-01D00F, PSAD6U-01D00FB)
    A135-S2426 (PSAD0U-0NG037)
    A135-S4407 (PSAD0U-03J00P)
    A135-S4417 (PSAD0U-03X00P)
    A135-S4427 (PSAD0U-03H00P)
    A135-S4437 (PSAD0U-03W00P)
    A135-S4447 (PSAD0U-04100P)
    A135-S4457 (PSAD0U-04200P)
    A135-S4467 (PSAD0U-03M00P, PSAD0U-03M00PB)
    A135-S4477 (PSAD0U-03400P)
    A135-S4478 (PSAD0U-034011)
    A135-S4487 (PSAD0U-03500P, PSAD0U-03500PB)
    A135-S4488 (PSAD0U-035011)
    A135-S4498 (PSAD0U-03V011)
    A135-S4499 (PSAD0U-03V010)
    A135-S4517 (PSAD0U-04800P)
    A135-S4527 (PSAD0U-05400P, PSAD0U-05400PB)
    A135-S4637 (PSAD0U-05400Q)
    A135-S4656 (PSAD0U-0N500N, PSAD0U-0N500NB)
    A135-S4666 (PSAD0U-0N600N)
    A135-S4677 (PSAD0U-0N700P, PSAD0U-0N700PB)
    A135-S4727 (PSAD0U-0NF00P, PSAD0U-0NF00PB)
    A135-S4827 (PSAD0U-0NJ00P)
    A135-S7403 (PSAD0U-0NY00N, PSAD0U-0NY00NB)
    A135-S7404 (PSAD0U-0P000N, PSAD0U-0P000NB)
    A135-S7406 (PSAD0U-0P200N)
    A135-SP4016 (PSAD0U-05300H)
    A135-SP4017 (PSAD3U-013008)
    A135-SP4048 (PSAD0U-02000L)
    A135-SP4058 (PSAD0U-03900L)
    A135-SP4088 (PSAD0U-05700L)
    A135-SP4108 (PSAD0U-05800L)
    A135-SP4128 (PSAD0U-0MX034)
    A135-SP4138 (PSAD0U-0MG034)
    A135-SP4146 (PSAD0U-0MW00H)
    A135-SP4156 (PSAD6U-01L00P)
    A135-SP4796 (PSAD0U-0N100H)
    A135-SP5819 (PSAD0U-0P600H)
    A135-SP5820 (PSAD0U-0PH00H)
    PSAD0U-0LH02K, PSAD6U-00L00E
  • Brand New fan,might show slight externalscratches due tostocking/transitting wear.
  • Fully functional and comes with 3 month warranty!
  • You'll receive: One CPU Fan, heatsink not included.
  • Please check pictures for more details.

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