New ASUS U50a U50F U50g U50v U50vg UX50v keyboard US black

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New ASUS U50a U50F U50g U50v U50vg UX50v keyboard US black

New ASUS U50a U50F U50g U50v U50vg UX50v keyboard US black

Brand New 04GNV32KUS00-1 04GNV32KUS00-3 04GNYI1KUS01-1 ASUS UL50 G51 G53 A52 A53 K52 K53 X52 X53 G60 G72 N53 N61 X61 G73 K73 N73 W90 UX50 U50 series keyboard US


Layout : US
Color: black
Condition:Brand New keyboard with ribbon cable
New high quality keyboard, 12 month warranty
100% manufacturer compatible
Equivalent Replacement Part

part number:

04GNV32KUS00-1 04GNV32KUS00-3 04GNYI1KUS01-1

Fit Model:

ASUS UL50 Series Laptop
ASUS UL50A UL50V UL50VT UL50VF UL50AG-A2, UL50Ag-A3B, UL50Vg, UL50Vg-A2, UL50VS-A1B, UL50Vt-A1, UL50Vt-X1, UL50Vt-XX009X, UL50Vt-XX010x

ASUS G51, G51J, G51J 3D, G51Jx, G51Jx 3D, G51Vx Series Laptop

ASUS G53 Series Laptop
G53Jw G53SW G53SX-A1 53SX-AH71 G53SX-XA1 G53SW-A1 G53JW, G53JW-3DE, G53JW-A1, G53JW-XT1, G53JW-XA G53SW-XR1 G53SW G53SW-A1 G53SW-XN1 G53SW-QA1-CBL Asus G53SW-Q5B1-CBL G53JW-QHDA1 G53SW-Q5DB1 , Asus ROG G53SW G53J G53JH G53JW Asus ROG G53

ASUS A52 series
ASUS A52 A52F A52J A52JB A52JK A52JR A52JR-X1 A52JC A52JR-SX109V

ASUS A53 Series
ASUS A53B A53BY A53E A53F A53J A53JA A53JB A53JC A53JE A53JH A53JQ A53JR A53JT A53JU A53S A53SD A53SJ A53SV A53T A53TA A53U A53U-EH11 A53U-EH22 A53E-EH91 A53E-EH31 A53SV-XE1 A53U-XE2 A53U-XE1 A53SV-EH71 A53SV-DH51 A53E-XN1 A53E-XA2 A53E-XE2 A53E-AH51 A53E-XA N53SV-EH72 A53E-XE3 N53SV-XV1 A53E-EH91 A53U-EH21 N53SV-DH51 A53Z-EH61 A53TA-XE2 A53TA-A1 A53TA-XN1

ASUS K53 series laptop
ASUS K53B K53BY K53E K53F K53J K53JA K53JC K53JE K53JF K53JG K53JN K53JS K53JT K53S K53SA K53SC K53SD K53SE K53SJ K53SN K53SV K53T K53TA K53U K53-3D K53E-A1 K53E-B K53E-B1 K53E-SX048X K53E-SX049X K53E-SX058V K53E-SX069V K53E-SX104V K53E-SX111V K53E-SX123V K53J-D1B K53J-SX216 K53S K53S-SX085 K53S-V1G K53S/E K53SDK53SJ-SX216V K53SV SX045R K53SV-2GG-SX006V K53SV-A1 K53SV-B1 K53SV-SX045R K53SV-SX055V K53SV-SX071V K53SV-SX075V K53SV-SX077D K53SV-SX079V K53SV-SX080V K53SV-SX081 K53SV-SX087V K53SV-SX121V K53SV-SX123V K53SV-SX125 K53SV-SX126V K53SV-SX131V K53SV-SX137V K53SV-SX144D K53SV-SX146V K53SV-SX169D K53SV-SX174V K53SV-SX204V K53SV-SX223V K53SV-V2G-SX208V K53U"

ASUS K52 Series
ASUS k52 k52f k52f-a1 k52f-sx051v k52f-sx060d k52f-sx065x k52f-sx074v k52jb k52jc k52je k52jk k52jr k52jr-a1 k52jr-x2 k52jr-x4 k52jr-x5 K52F-BIN6 k52f-bbr5 k52f-bbr9 k52f-rgr6

ASUS X52 Series
Asus X52DE X52DR X52F X52JB X52JC X52JK X52JR X52N

ASUS X53 Series
ASUS X53B X53BY X53E X53T X53TA X53U X53Z ASUS X53S X53SV Series(2011 model)

ASUS G60 G60J G60Jx G60Vx Series

ASUS G72 Series
ASUS G72G, G72Gx, G72Gx-A1 G72GX-TY013V G72GX-TY014V

ASUS N53 Series
ASUS N53 N53Jf N53Jg N53Jn N53Jq N53SV-EH71 N53SV-DH72 N53SV-EH72 N53SV-XV1 N53SV-B1 N53SV-A2 N53SNR-H71

Asus N61 Series
Asus N61J N61Ja N61Jq N61Jv N61V N61Vg N61Vn N61w N61JA-JX008V N61JQ-JX011V N61VN-JX013V N61VN-JX014V N61JQ-A1 N61JQ-X1 N61JQ-JX017V N61JA-JX087X N61JV-X2 N61Vn-A N61Vg-A1 N61VG-A2 N61VG-JX092V

Asus X61 Series
Asus X61 X61GX X61Sf X61SL X61SV X61W X61S X61GX X61SL X61Z

Asus G73 Series
Asus G73 73Jh G73Jw G73JH-A1 G73JH-A2 G73JH-X1 G73JH-X2 G73JH-TY042V G73JH-TZ014V G73JH-TZ091V

Asus K73 Series Series
Asus K73E K73J K73JK K73S K73SV K73SV-A1 K73SV-DH51 K73E-A1 K73SV-TY032V K73SV-TY053V K73SV-TY171V K73SV-TY291V K73SV-TY137V K73SV-TY381V K73SV-TY082V k73sv-ty147v k73ta-ty027v k73e-ty080v K73SJ-TY020V k73sv-ty299v k73sv-ty300v K73SJ-TY021V K73E-TY202V K73SV-TY201V

ASUS W90 W90V W90VN W90VP Series

ASUS N73 Series
ASUS N73 N73F N73G N73J N73JF N73JG N73JN N73JQ N73Q N73S N73SD N73SL N73SN N73SQ N73SV N73SW N73VN 73SV-A1 N73SV-A3 N73SV-DH72 N73SV-A3-CBIL N73SV-A1-CBIL N73SV-QH72-CBIL N73SV-V1G N73JF-XT1 N73JQ-XV1 N71JQ-X1 N71JQ-X2 N73JN-TY021 N73JN-TY021V N73JN-TY035V N73JN-TY069X

ASUS UX50 UX50, UX50v-xx004c, UX50v-rx05 Series

ASUS U50 U50a U50F U50g U50v U50vg Series

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